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Tiny Cabins

WoodHaven tiny cabinsBuilt exclusively by WoodHaven Log & Lumber

Check out our tiny cabins built inside and out with our quality WoodHaven log siding, knotty pine paneling and barn wood products. Financing is available. [Find out more...]

Looking for Barn wood siding?

If you like the look of barn wood siding, you'll love one of our newest products — at half the cost of typical Barn wood siding. Our barn wood siding is tongue-and-groove on all four sides, which virtually eliminates waste. [Find out more...]

He Shed, She Shed

He Shed, She Shed casting callAre you planning to build the coolest, most amazing one-of-a-kind shed and want to show it off to all your neighbors? Have big plans to take your shed to the next level? Ready to show America how to pack GIANT ideas into tiny spaces?

WoodHaven has partnered with the producers of FYI's Tiny House Nation in a new show about amazing backyard sheds... HE SHED, SHE SHED. If you're planning on building a backyard structure, they want to hear from you. [Find out more...]

New promotion!

Want to win a custom WoodHaven bar? Beginning August 29, every time a homeowner or builder spends $15,000 or more on WoodHaven products, their name will go into a drawing for this custom WoodHaven bar. The winner's name will be drawn next year at the 2016 Oscoda County Riverfest.


WoodHaven custom bar WoodHaven custom bar WoodHaven custom bar WoodHaven custom bar

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Tiny rustic cabins are catching on

Our tiny rustic cabins are catching on with hunters, lake people, and hosts. Why? They’re solid. They’re versatile. And they’re kind of cute. (Really cute, if you ask the ladies.) They are insulated and fully wired. We finish the inside so really all you need to do … [ Read More... ]

Why Adirondack is back

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