Why go to a tradeshow?

Custom building trade shows

Going to a trade show takes some effort. You need to: set aside some free time invest a little travel time maybe pack the family and park before you get to see what you want to see. Some people go for fun. They want to see the latest and greatest in whatever is their passion, and hobnob with folks who love what they love, from fishing to building their dream. If you want to meet us, see, touch and smell (yes, smell) our custom wood products, you can catch us at outdoor tradeshows and … [Read more...]

Will quality wood increase the value of a home or cabin?

Quality wood increases the value of a home or cabin

Is it really worth it to invest in log siding, knotty pine paneling, cabinets or trim?  Absolutely, according to Tom Galbraith, broker/owner of State Wide Real Estate in Mio, Michigan. We brought him in to tell you why. Welcome Tom, our guest blogger! Houses and cabins that are log attract everybody like a magnet. They get a lot of attention and a lot of action. They look fantastic. You’ll see a 10 percent increase in your home’s value. It will appeal to a larger base, not to mention you … [Read more...]

Why moisture matters in log siding and wood

The moisture content in the wood you choose for log siding or paneling, whether exterior or interior, is a big deal. Make sure you ask your supplier what their target moisture content is for all products. The range of moisture content standards can be huge. It will impact the quality of your project. Wood takes moisture in and gives it off naturally so the moisture content of the wood when you buy it drives how moist it is when you install it. If you install wood that is too moist for your … [Read more...]