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Go ahead. Envision the custom wood project of your dreams. Now kick it up a notch.

10" pine half log hewn siding with 8" tongue & groove knotty pine paneling ceiling
10″ pine half log hewn siding with 8″ tongue & groove knotty pine paneling ceiling

If you want handcrafted wood inside or outside — or both — your home or cabin, we can help you make it happen with our custom wood products for:

Decks and

Our premium wood products are the result of our philosophy:
Respect for Resources.
Responsibility for our people and products.

It’s that simple.

Half log siding hewn installation
Half log siding hewn installation

We respect the wood, and we don’t believe in waste. So we cut our log siding and paneling in easy-to-use lengths with deep tongue-and-groove on all four sides for easy installation.

End matching — along with our unique mixed-length bundles – creates a distinctive look and enhances the beauty of every wood product we create.

Some people prefer a smooth surface. Others like a rustic hand-hewn look. Whatever you choose, be assured that every WoodHaven log carries our signature trademark: all four faces of the wood you choose will be exceptional.

We’ve got you covered — inside and out.

Our specialty is quality, custom wood products. We’ll help you decide which one might work best in your home or business if you’re not sure. Our designers and craftsmen will make sure your choice is a perfect fit for your surroundings.

Fatboy Log Siding TM

FatBoy Log Siding™ takes the look of traditional log siding to a whole new dimension. You can have the look of full logs at a fraction of the cost with our FatBoy Log Siding™. It’s designed with the same great features as our EZ Loc Siding System and is easy to install with very little waste.

If your budget needs a break, we have products from classic half log siding to economical quarter log siding. Our straightforward pricing and value-added features make WoodHaven products your best value. We guarantee it.

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Half log siding — hewn

Half log hewn pine siding
Half log hewn pine siding

If you want the look of an authentic cabin – but cringe at the price tag, WoodHaven’s half log siding with a hewn finish may be perfect for you. The hewn half log siding is our most popular log siding style, and ideal if you want a full log home without the full log price.

It’s available in 3×6 and 3×8 pine or cedar and 3×10 pine. It comes with WoodHaven’s unique end-matching feature. We allow the installer to place joints where they fall, rather than relying on a stud, giveing your home a natural log look. It also goes up easily and efficiently with very little waste, keeping costs down.

Half log siding — smooth

Our smooth half log siding is not so rustic. It has more of a contemporary log look to it. It’s milled and perfectly straight.

If you need to take it easy on the budget, this may be the way to have the best of both worlds. Your completed project will be beautiful and the price will be right for you.

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Quarter log siding

Quarter log hewn pine siding
Quarter log siding installation

If you’re looking for affordable, yet beautiful siding for your log home, you should consider our quarter log siding. From a distance, it looks just like half log siding. You’ll have a log home or log cabin without the full log price.

Our quarter log siding also looks great on the inside. Consider it in a man cave, bedroom or recreation room. We can customize it to have either a smooth or hand-hewn look.

Our end-matching system allows your installer to place the joints right where they fall, instead of relying on studs. It’s also easier to handle and install because of its light weight.

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Tongue & Groove Paneling

Tongue & groove knotty pine paneling installation as seen in a Fairview home
Tongue & groove knotty pine paneling installation

Our paneling will make completing your project easier and save you lots of time. Our end-matching feature means installation will be easy and you’ll have almost no waste.

If you want a variety of patterns and textures on the inside of your home or cabin, our knotty pine paneling (or “panelling” if you prefer the other way to spell it) is exactly what you need. It’s available in a variety of sizes. If you’re looking for a way to finish the job more quickly – without giving up quality – our prefinished paneling is for you.

Our aspen paneling will give your project classic rustic beauty with its white wood, light brown knots and streaks. The beauty of the Aspen tree is exposed when we cut and mill it into our handcrafted paneling.

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Barn Wood

Barn wood
Barn wood

Looking for Barn wood siding? We’re ready for you.

WoodHaven Log & Lumber has the answer with one of our newest products — at half the cost of Barn wood siding.

Everything is end-matched so it goes up easy.  You can choose an assortment of sizes on one wall — and install it vertically or horizontally. You can use it in both interior and exterior projects.

Our process causes the wood “take” the stain in a way that makes it look exactly like reclaimed Barn wood.

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Adirondack Wood Siding

Adirondack sidingWoodHaven Log and Lumber has developed a rustic contemporary wood siding product that will give your home or cabin a distinctive look: Adirondack.

Adirondack is a great alternative to vinyl, aluminum, cedar lap on a new build or an existing. If you live in a subdivision, it’s perfect and unique. It’s not out of place. It goes great with brick or stone and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

It’s flat, not round
It’s kiln dried
It’s tongue and groove and end matched

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Tongue & groove Mountain cherry hardwood floor with center birdseye maple cherry
Tongue & groove Mountain cherry hardwood floor with center birdseye maple cherry

Once your house is built, you have to have something special — and secure — to walk on when you walk in! WoodHaven’s flooring and decking options are the perfect way to complete your project. Available in pine in 4-, 6- and 8-inch widths, our flooring is tongue-and-groove on all four sides for easy installation.

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Trim and Corners

“D” Trim

The wood trim around your windows and doors will give your home or cabin a special flair — don’t let it be an afterthought.

WoodHaven’s “D” trims really add a personal touch. With plenty of choices – smooth or hewn finish, pine or cedar – and lots of sizes, our custom trim will give your home or cabin a finished look — while taking it easy on your budget!

Corner Posts

10" half log hewn pine siding with butt-and-pass corners and 6" half log hewn trim
10″ half log hewn pine siding with butt-and-pass corners and 6″ half log hewn trim

Our custom corner posts can be a beautiful addition to your architecture. This is one spot where you won’t want to cut corners — and we’ll make sure you don’t have to!

Available in pine or cedar, our corner posts deliver a clean look — and are easy to install.

Butt-n-Pass Corner

Does the thought of an authentic log home conjure up images of stacked logs in a crisscross pattern?

You can achieve that look without having to build a full log home with WoodHaven butt-n-pass corners.

Available in pine and cedar, with a smooth or hewn finish, our butt-n-pass corners are perfect companions to our entire log siding collection.

Butt-n-Pass Corner installation at the Fairview Wood-Frame home. Be sure to check out more images at the Fairview Wood-Frame home gallery.

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Solid pine doors
Solid pine doors


Our solid pine doors bring an uninterrupted look to your floor plan while providing a visual enhancement that sets them apart enough to be noticed.

As with all of our wood products, it’s the quality of our doors that makes them special. Even an untrained eye will notice something different about your doors. Everyone will think they’re beautiful, but when those doors close with that telltale solid sound, they’ll know they are WoodHaven doors.


When it comes to stairways, decks and general decor, nothing is as strong or stylish as our solid cedar railing. Inside or out, create long runs of handrails or use more posts to add to the rustic feel with exceptional stability.
More than just for safety and protection, the attractive lines of our corner posts and rail can bring out the best in your favorite outdoor entertainment spot.

Full-wood stairway
Full-wood stairway


If you have or are planning for vaulted ceilings and open spaces in your home or cabin, you know you have architectural opportunity in a staircase. They often can be a focal point.

Regardless of whether you plan to have a contractor install your stairway or you’re doing it yourself, we’ll make sure your railings are ready to install. No one will have to make any changes or modifications. Your stairway will be easier to install and more beautiful than you ever imagined.


They don’t look or function much like the old days. Mantels are everywhere. You can enhance any space with a beautiful half log or flat piece of our unique wood, cut exactly to your specifications.

Your mantle can be an accent piece or a focal point; it’s up to you. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll create a decorative, handcrafted mantle for that perfect spot.

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We’re particular about our products.
We know you are too.

Quality InspectionWe use some of the best timber on earth.
We care about it, our products — and you — our valued customer.

That’s why everything we produce is crafted right here at our facility. We oversee the entire process to ensure only the highest quality materials and workmanship make their way into your dream home.